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Poster: c-freedom Date: Dec 17, 2021 1:52pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Sage & Spirit 12-17-21

Was DEAN MARTIN the Pigpen of his generation?

A Sweet CHICAGO cover; (Thanks V.)


Thunderclap Newman-We have got to get it together NOW

Hail Atlantis!

Barry Mcquire
A classic
Barry paid a high price in this world for his faith in Christ
& he walked away from fortune and fame.
But eternity with Jesus awaits!

& Spirit

John MacArthur-One Perfect Life
If you are of the Book this will bless you.
(It starts off kinda slow the first few minutes.)
But it is very well produced.
It is literally an audio play.
This is a harmonizing of the 4 Gospels
It took MacArthur many years to get this timeline of events together
Working with Bible Scholars at the Masters University.
This is the true reason for the Season.
Note: The book is excellent if your not into audio productions
This deals only with the birth of JESUS the book ONE PERFECT LIFE
runs all the way through the 4 gospels to the resurrection
I testify humbly before the GD community that JESUS is the MESSIAH.

Kings Kaleidoscope- All Glory be to Christ!

GDTRFB-Frankfurt 4/26/72
This comes in as #1 Heady Version by a mile.
The Sound is incredible.
I saw the GD there in 90 ‘Without a Net’
The Old wooden Hall truly is incredible!

Another recommendation from a guitar playing friend:
E) Van Halen-demo (pre first album)
I actually like this better than most everything VH overproduced
well except that first LP was bad ass!